Summarecon Mal Bekasi

Bekasi, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl.Boulevard Ahmad Yani Blok M, Marga Mulya, Bekasi Utara, Marga Mulya, Bekasi Utara, Kota Bks, Jawa Barat 17142, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 21 29572888
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

sekar budiasih (24/11/2017 10:01)
Tempat favorite buat hangout. Semuanya ada. Tempat makannya banyak. Ada bioskopnya. Coffee shop nya banyak. Shop buat baby nya juga ada. Sayangnya toko bukunya hanya paperclip, kurang lengkap isi bukunya. Huhu.. Semoga kedepannya books&beyond atau periplus bisa buka di sini.

Raku Seru (21/11/2017 10:23)
Good overall. This mall provides many features,such huge parking lot,cinemas,shops,even game center. The food court/hall also had so many tables and popular restaurants.

Aldy Fariha (11/11/2017 11:34)
Still the best mall in Bekasi. There is a huge outdoor area in downtown with a lot of foods and beverages, perfect place to gather with your friends and family. And inside, branded outlets are open to spend your money. There is a movie theater too on the top of the building.

Raditya Erlangga (04/11/2017 22:36)
Largest mall in Kota Bekasi with spacious parking lot. It also provides two outdoor locations of live music. You can enjoy your foods and sing a long with the band.

Beware, Saturday night will be very crowded

Lovely Muslimah (18/10/2017 09:29)
The one and only biggest mall in Bekasi with the variety of restaurants and other entertainments. You can enjoy your dining meal by listening to live music on Fridays. For travellers with mid budget, Summarecon mall is not the best choice but you can go to another mall which is not too far from this mall.

Faya Sitompul (09/09/2017 11:26)
You can find everything you need. This mall has an outdoor seating foodcourt. Occasionally, they held a culinary festival on the car park.

Didik Setiawan (30/08/2017 05:37)
Very good mall.. they have some good free attractions, like live music and a big koi fish pond.. good place to spent a weekend with your precious families

Arief Rachman (13/08/2017 10:04)
Relatively new mall in Bekasi. Very cozy place to hangout, do shopping, or taking dinner/lunch. One of my favorite mall in Bekasi . Lack bookshop though, therefore, the 4 star.

Yuda Pramana (21/07/2017 19:29)
Love this place coz this place is not like an ordinary mall. It's not just for those who want to do shopping, but it has a nice working and meeting space that we can use. And there is a musical / band at night.

Diningtyas Dian P (02/07/2017 11:43)
Like any other Summarecon malls, this mall has both indoor and outdoor setting. They have the food street market as well as the restaurant lined along near the outdoor area allowing the restaurant has both indoor and outdoor. On a nicer weather it would be great to have coffee or lunch at the outdoor area. But I found the mall lack of bookstore... There were only paperclip, and they're so tiny. Sad.

Hendsy Mahatmha (26/06/2017 18:27)
One of famous mall in Bekasi. Upscale. Large parking area. Various of food and drinks. Choice of modern stores.

Bernard YH (23/06/2017 11:58)
Good place. Lots of food: traditional to modern fast food. Easy to access: Transjakarta's bus station just in front of the mall.

FTH CHNL (23/06/2017 04:32)
Great mall in Bekasi. Huge area of parking space. Wide range of food selection and stores. Good place to spend time with family

Andreas Arif Permana (20/06/2017 08:23)
1st visit for one night sale...
There's so many store but the items seems not to many good variations...

Interested into ice skating..

Great place..

Ajeng Chunduk Sekar Melati (03/05/2017 00:24)
It is a one stop shopping place. A lot of great food, the shops are great, pretty easy to access, clean, pretty views and the live music is nice.

Rizky Novrianto (02/05/2017 09:33)
Great Mall in Bekasi with Poor Communication Signal.

This mall is super duper crowded, I don't quite know whether is on daily basis or because two time I came here was during the weekend.

The variants for culinary in this place is amazing.

Andine Achmad (01/05/2017 21:02)
So many dinner or lunch places there. They also affordable and comfortable. One thing I really like in every weekend night, they serve us with live music.

Susar Timorinto (12/04/2017 17:14)
It's a middle class mall, the good aide is that the mall provide big food hall that gives many selection from Asian,European,American...and if you just wanna sit back and relax there are many selection of coffe shop that provide modest smoking area

Henry Erik Estrada (11/04/2017 00:14)
The newest and the most happening mall in Bekasi. Big and spacious, lots of parking spots. The outdoor resto usually overcrowded on weekend nights

Thyas Pramesthi (25/02/2017 14:13)
Luxurious mall in Bekasi. First time here and amazed by the luxury of its interior. And they have complete restaurants.

Zaki Sentanu (05/02/2017 07:45)
Very big and nice mall. Various stores available there, but somewhat not eye catching. Food is great with a lot of choices. From modern foods to traditional delicacies.

Alung Ng (23/12/2016 14:24)
So far this is the best mall in Bekasi. The mall is huge, the foodcourt is also big. What i like about this mall is their live band, you can see people singing and dancing and the food is great too.

Gompar Naibaho (14/12/2016 00:45)
Great place to hang out with friends or family.. many food choices.. nice interior.. good in house live band

Guntur Purwanto (12/12/2016 08:12)
Spacious mall, with both indoor and outdoor shopping arcade types. The outdoor restaurants is very creatively designed to gives the us the sense of city walks. Parking space is big, provides easy direct access from the mall to every parking level.

Andreas Sinaga (11/10/2016 23:55)
Ribet dan macret

Tigor P. Tambunan (04/09/2016 12:08)
Live music the beatles nya yg ditunggu2

farid (17/08/2016 23:34)
Tempat kece se bekasi hahaha

WIRA K. (15/08/2016 19:49)
In my opinion, this place has taken over what Metropolitan Mall had for decades: The King of Mall in Bekasi. Let alone the location itself, this place has beaten other malls that have been around there for decades in almost every aspect. Summarecon always shows they are a brilliant developer. They can build a mall and earn success, without depending on hypermarket to attract people.

Andre Chandra (16/06/2016 02:05)
This mall have good concept and design. There is live music every wrekend. But can't enjoy it with beer, because bekasi government not allow store to sell beer/alcohol.
But it's ok. You still can find many foodstore.

Jensen Alansander (08/06/2016 11:38)
Best mall in bekasi, but sometimes a little bit too crowded, especially at weekend. You can find a lot of store from clothes, food, pharmacy, etc.

The mall also big enough, good for take a walk, well at least bigger then other malls in bekasi.

Azis Syafii (05/06/2016 11:23)
Reang pernah mene

Didit Hardiyanto (02/06/2016 14:39)
Not a very-big mall but cozy enough for hangout, lunch, and dinner with friends and family. There are so many restaurants with many kind of foods, theatre, toys and book stores, electronics, supermarket and groceries, and of course fashion.

They regularly invite Indonesian musicians every month and also have regular schedule of live music. Children also facilitated with water play ground and beautiful feeding beautiful Koi fish.

Some of the car communities also keep using the parking lot to be their "base camp".

Very nice..

Welcome to Bekasi.

Kharizmi Tavtazani (23/04/2016 22:27)
Nice place, tapi agak penuh klo weekend malem2

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