Direktori Lokasi di Indonesia

Stasiun Cikarang

Bekasi, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jl. Yos Sudarso, Cikarang-Bekasi, Karangasih, Cikarang Utara, Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17530, Indonesia
Rating: 4.20

Komentar :

adriamsyah dree (18/05/2018 09:11)
I wish they have better parking area with roof. And better access to station entry

Sandi Soenirdja (29/04/2018 12:28)
If only they have more seats for waiting area, although the stasion itself is big

Joko Andriyanto (15/04/2018 09:50)
Sudah lumayan rapi walau saat review ditulis masih dalam proses renovasi. Perjalanan menuju ke stasiun ini penuh perjuangan πŸ˜‚

Jefri Tamba (12/04/2018 03:44)
It's got everything in it and it goes everywhere. Not in the prettiest of locations but it does the job in taking you from a to b in the blink of an eye. This place is fantastically located in an otherwise underrated cultural milieu. Great station.

Kevin Batubara (11/04/2018 14:33)
Cikarang station is the only station for commuter line train in Cikarang, West Java. Currently, it only operates platform 1 for Commuter Line Train. There are toilet and praying room for Moslem in this place. We can also find a place to charge our phone. The toilets, both for male and female are clean and always being cleaned by the office boys. If you want to visit Jakarta or Bekasi in weekday, it's okay. But if you want to spend weekend in Jakarta or Bekasi, I highly recommend you to go to this station on Friday at Sholat Jumat time and Saturday at 5 or 6 am. (In case you don't have a KRL Access app. If you have, just check the schedule, and come earlier) Other than that, please be patient because people of Cikarang will also visit Jakarta for vacation on weekend and it'll be VERY crowded. It's a nightmare.

sari octaviani (24/02/2018 17:32)
Building facility is really good, much better than the other CL stations around Jabodetabek. However, the frequency of the commuter line heading to Jakarta is so low, perhaps because the regular trains to/from Java area also use the track. Hopefully the gov will finish the double-double track very soon.

Fikri Fadli (02/01/2018 02:39)
New train station in bekasi. Everything is fine except the traditional market and the access to the place.

Propana OKIONOMUS ALI (21/10/2017 11:44)
New commuterline station was operating here. The building still under construction. One of the alternative route go to cikarang from jakarta. The CL were on time and quietly a lot of commuters here. But it awesome.

ulul engineer (17/10/2017 06:15)
New operated station for commuter line.
Good design.
Please consider about passanger flow, in out, and preparing park lot for motorcycles and cars.

Trieko Yananto (09/10/2017 15:00)
New building, all facilities are clean including toilet n musholla, elevator is working, but it is a temporary peron still provided (metal plate, without canopy n chairs). Entrence is narrow n bit crowd.

Weka99 WeKa (09/10/2017 06:38)
Will be a great station for commuter Jabodetabek...Favourite transportation for work and connecting arround Jakarta-Cikarang

Jufriadi Ibnu (01/10/2017 00:57)
Clean station

Eliza Nainggolan (16/09/2017 12:36)
This station isn't very crowded which is nice imo. It's not complete yet, but when it's done this station will provide a great alternative transportation to Cikarang citizen.

Hello Trains (04/09/2017 13:18)
Not Too Bad

Rony Prima Zarta (29/07/2017 12:47)
Masih uji coba KRL

Fathur Azhari (05/07/2017 20:33)
The train not completely

Andika Putra Pratama (12/06/2017 04:38)

Christ Gandi (10/05/2017 13:54)

Gb Jkt (02/03/2017 12:37)

Tedi Rustandi (03/02/2017 23:10)
2015, 2016, 2017 in progress construction for connecting commuter line

Lontong Sayur (14/12/2016 13:52)

Tikkhavedo Tunky (12/12/2016 22:36)

rinto tori (24/10/2016 05:00)

Farhan Azka (17/11/2016 08:56)
Cikarang City is my country

Eko Hariyanto (08/11/2016 09:24)
Kapan krl bisa beroperasi

rinto tori (24/10/2016 05:00)

Yukky Arfha Edison (15/10/2016 13:12)
karena ada rute krl baru.rute Manggarai ke Cikarang🏒🏒🏒🏒🏒

Lukman Arifin (07/05/2016 00:26)
semoga cepet selesai perbaikannya

Desuzen (28/04/2016 11:10)

Sri Rahayu (31/03/2016 19:41)
Karna itu tempat lahir ku (01/01/2016 13:37)
stasiun kereta

Anggita Dewi (11/06/2015 06:34)

Anggita Dewi (11/06/2015 06:34)

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