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Lulu Hypermarket & Department Store

Bekasi, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Plaza Taman Modern Lt. 1, Jalan Raya Bekasi KM. 24, Ujung Menteng, Cakung, Ujung Menteng, Cakung, Kota Jakarta Timur, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 13960, Indonesia
Rating: 4.50
Telp: +62 21 29844000 ID/ all/ contactus
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 9:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Sukma (10/04/2018 12:36)
This place is in fact good at bakery, fresh vegetables & fruits. You'll be surprised with foodcourt section embedded nicely inside the supermarket where you can enjoy Indonesian, Indian as well as Western stuffs

Rina de fretes (10/04/2018 05:39)
free parking do more shopping without think to pay for the parking car....bravo, blanja nyaman bs lamaaaa....cihuuuiiii

ciptanti putri (08/04/2018 02:57)
Love this place. Especially in the morning when it's started operating and less customers. Large variety of beef, bread, cheese, veggies. Cannot miss the hot food corners. The eating area is decent.

cintya alavanna (15/03/2018 03:37)
Nice place to eat or buy some east middle food & groceries. Food was ok. Great ambience. #letsguide

Alex MediaGroup (28/11/2017 05:36)
This place has some amazing stuff. The cooked foods are great with some Indian influence. The fresh produce are really fresh. Also it has an amazing price and usually discounts for numerous stuff. The quality of the products here is amazing. This place literally sells everything from food to most electronics! Loved it, I definitely recommend visiting! :)

Alex MediaGroup (28/11/2017 05:36)
This place has some amazing stuff. The cooked foods are great with some Indian influence. The fresh produce are really fresh. Also it has an amazing price and usually discounts for numerous stuff. The quality of the products here is amazing. This place literally sells everything from food to most electronics! Loved it, I definitely recommend visiting! :)

Angga Wicaksa (21/11/2017 13:15)
This place was Carrefour. After hand over by Lulu, it became cozy place for daily need shopping. There's a mini resto inside the market. If you want to buy some clothes, it also available at 2nd floor

Mas SGT (10/11/2017 11:21)
I bought a bed for my mom and found it wrong size when it arrived at my mom's apartment. Luckily Lulu staff allowed us to change it with the correct size bed without additional delivery charge, and then due to the new bed was cheaper than the previous one Lulu gave us a couple of pillows for free. Thanks to Lulu for your honesty, kindness and affordable prices.

Hana Lim (07/11/2017 07:19)
Love shopping in this place. Vast selection of exotic foodstuff with very2 favorable pricing. Yes, the location is quite far but it's worth to make the trip and make a day out of it. Until now they still impose FREE PARKING for any purchasing activity there at any amount. Today i ate Indian food at their foodcourt and I was pleasantly surprised at the rich taste but very cheap pricing! Looking forward to go back there

Rachmad Ramila SA (11/10/2017 15:15)
Big supermarket store. There is a lot of any product. Parking is quite enough in mid month but it will gonna be bad when early month or end month. There is nursery room. Clean enough.

iga oman (18/09/2017 06:09)
Excellent place in this location ! The hypermarket is clean, well maintained, and sells goods with affordable price, fresh, and good quality, with various options... if you looking for eat, there's some restaurants located on ground fl. and 1st fl. Small kids play area. The parking was a mess (but vast)

Ari Faisal (12/09/2017 05:50)
the best supermarket in east jakarta (near bekasi). with lot of imported food. But you cant find a beer or pork or the food labeled as "haram"

Ersandi Al Asra (02/09/2017 06:44)
The best hypermarket in town for me. It sells cheaper products than the other modern hypermarket. Besides, in the same location it also has famous food restaurant, such Imperial, Solaria, KFC, & Starbucks. If you spend about 1 mil IDR you can get free parking. Also be prepared to driving around to find a parking slot when there is a wedding event. Because it is in the same complex with function hall.

Harry Haryanto (27/08/2017 03:08)
cozy... many option merchandize, all the prices offered is reasonable, many kind resto to come, the space is big enough... parking space is enough for visitors.. and many various offers from lulu.. just visit Lulu bu now so you can feel it..

Rendy Doroii (04/07/2017 14:40)
Supermarket, with an affordable canteen for a plus. It served Arabian and Indian food, such as tika masala, nasi briyani, canay, and some curry. It also sell pizza, fresh pastry and some cold sushi. There's Starbucks and KFC outside the area

fadhillatus henry (25/06/2017 08:17)
If you're a Muslim don't hesitate to buy whatever you want. Because Lula, they only sell Halal Products. And it's first branch of Lula Supermarket in Indonesia. They also sell cheaper product than local market and their services are the best. Recommended store :)

Clara Lucia (15/06/2017 12:16)
Very complete. There is all you need. And I very happy because they sell a sushi,sashimi,and all kind of meat and fish

Agita Litiya Dewi (13/06/2017 09:11)
It's worth the traffic to get in here. Such a nice, clean, dan wonderful place for shopping. Arabian & indian food is one of reasons to visit. The prices is affordable.

Sandra P. Salzani (04/05/2017 09:20)
Heaven for people looking for halal foods and various indian-arabian foods. The hot food is the best, tasty and generous. The plus point is, you can get cheaper Basmati rice there and many dried spices easily.

There are many promos for products. Surely will come again whenever I am craving for spices!!!

Indri Gunawan (02/05/2017 06:06)
Sell fresh fruits and fresh meats with reasonable price. Surrounding looks clean but toilet are quite far away. It depends on where you enter. Hope can get more toilets on each corner. So it can be access more easily specially for mom with baby or kids.

Sanjay Tewari (17/04/2017 13:44)
Nice clean place. Lot of choices . International brands food items. Nice food court. Nice footwears. Clothes. Household. Electronics.

Tonny Souisa (16/03/2017 04:32)
I have tried to shop here a couple of times just to look for another atmosphere. And I find it's a very neat supermarket. Clean enough and offer you things that we don't find in other supermarkets.

Arif Rahman (04/03/2017 02:16)
It's new, so it look fresh and clean. It's seem it has almost everything you need for your daily need/ groceries. The prices are not cheap and not expensive either. The food court is a big hit here.

Nurul Ayuningtyas (22/02/2017 00:04)
I had a high expectation when I first came here. Thought this place sell more Middle East goods than it is; well, it's not. There are Arabi & Indian food section but not as various as I expected. It's just another hypermarket, nothing special. The plus points are the location and the huge size of parking area. Customers can also get free parking.

Zakinah Zakinah (12/02/2017 02:34)
Great selection of hot food, bakery and even healthy food. Usually they have a promo of buy 1 get 1 for freah juices selction near closing time. Lovable!

Elvira Nurul Arifa (14/01/2017 03:29)
In its vast building, you can find some brands/items that usually only available in particular shop. For me, the most precious section is the ready-to-eat fresh food. You can get pizza, salad, Indian food, Japanese roll cake, etc. Yummy! And after shopping, you may grab a cup of Starbucks just near the cashier.

Ashish Bhatnagar (10/01/2017 23:11)
One stop solution for all groceries Vegetables and other household items. They have a food area also where you can buy cooked food and eat in a separate eating area. Indian and Arabic food is also available. Parking is always free if you buy anything worth at least IDR 50,000. This store has collection of awesome beads and ready to cook pizzas. Little outside of main Jakarta city but worth travelling that much distance.

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