Delta Dewata

Bangli, Bali
Alamat: Jalan Raya Andong No.14, Ubud, Peliatan, Gianyar, Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80571, Indonesia
Rating: 4.10
Telp: +62 361 973049
Jam Operasional:
Monday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Tuesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Wednesday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Thursday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Friday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Saturday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Sunday: 8:00 AM – 10:00 PM

Komentar :

Stanislav Borisov (08/11/2017 15:13)
I assume it's the best place here to buy products and goods. Good choice, moderate prices and a lot of cashiers. Nov.17 update: new policy. All foreign cards are charged for these 2,5% now.

Anastasia Restu (28/10/2017 14:58)
The second best supermarket in Ubud. I love how they have wider variety and the price is cheaper than Bintang. The service is not so bad, but there's always room for improvement. The only issue is they are located further, so I can only visit this supermarket occasionally.

Aris Creates (12/10/2017 10:02)
Though one of the largest around this grocery has a serious problem with how they handle refrigerated meats, cheeses and dairy. Most of the beef for sale in the cold case was literally green with rot. Packaged cheeses had mold. Couldn't trust this. Veggie selection is wide and they have a huge selection of canned, packaged and household goods as well as gifts and souvenirs.

Brian Schmittou (05/10/2017 19:14)
A decent selection of groceries. A better place for dry goods (from cooking supplies to underwear)

Haikal A (15/08/2017 16:47)
Maybe best shopping option at ubud. Definitely better than bintang, and better than the other delta downtown

Dongmin Kim (15/07/2017 21:27)
There is one of big market in Ubud.
Everything was ao good.
But I went to Bintang Market more often than DD Market. :)

owen osborne (09/07/2017 15:26)
Reasonable and convenient ubud shopping centre. Has a bit of everything at budget pricing.

DC Eaton (20/06/2017 20:33)
Great selection but the focus is on expats, tourists & more wealthy locals. Therefore pricing is among the most costly in Ubud, some of it outrageous IMO.

Meiyi Cheng (20/06/2017 11:41)
It's always a pleasure shopping here. They have EVERYTHING! I got a powerful new blender and a water kettle for less than $45. I highly recommend coming here for grocery shopping as well, in my experience their food is overall fresher than that in Pepito Market. Be careful with parking and when you enter and exit the street, Jl. Andong usually has heavy traffic.

jiva Carter (18/06/2017 16:14)
Good for Bali .. but need to restock their special vegetarian line

Spaghetti Hair (11/04/2017 11:38)
Good supermarket with lots of food, household, toiletries and souvenirs. Parking for both cars and motorbikes is easy and staff are friendly and helpful too.

Gede Aryadi (17/03/2017 11:44)
Nice Supermarket, easy to park. Lots of choices but still cheap compare to other supermarket

Andre Baars (15/03/2017 09:07)
Good supermarket. Biggest in Ubud, but a bit more expensive than Bintang Supermarket.

p r (21/02/2017 19:50)
Best supermarket I found in Ubud, but don't rely in any help from people that works there.. They are all somewhat dumb.

Adi Waru (09/02/2017 07:08)
Best place for shopping,specially for expat. The staff are friendly and polite

MadeBy VR (04/01/2017 09:18)
Large supermarket with a decent produce section and liquor room. There is also a home goods section. You can find what your looking for here at decent prices.

Anna Bashkirova (23/12/2016 19:25)
Fairly large supermarket, much bigger choice than Coco Supermarket on the south side. Includes the alcohol section, clothes and household items. Finding a taxi after shopping might be a bit difficult. Next time I'd organise a pick up in advance.

Julius ter Pelkwijk (18/12/2016 13:06)
Good big supermarket, you can find almost everything you need here. Also has a small kitchen for cheap lunch and diner. Only one vegetarian dish on the menu though.

Runo More (02/09/2016 03:24)
Supermarket with local real chocolate L'Agie (rare thing), local dark beer Stout and way cheaper fresh meat products than in Bintang. Minimum card payment 50,000 IDR, although % will be included.

Philip B (28/08/2016 17:43)
One of the three big supermarkets in Ubud. Usually well stocked and a reasonable range of imported foodstuffs as well as all the local brands

Stanislav Borisov (18/08/2016 23:27)
I assume it's the best place here to buy products and goods. Good choice, moderate prices and cashiers know the difference between debit and credit card, which saves you 2-2,5% of your money.

Maj Rex (01/08/2016 18:02)
The biggest supermarket in ubud it has everything you need food, Clothes, electronic, house stuff, gym equipment, small warang etc etc.....

林千尋 (02/06/2016 16:14)
reasonable price. convenient!!

Shannon McCabe (23/04/2016 05:59)
Supermarket that caters for westerners in Ubud. Cheaper than Bintang or Cocos.

Yohanes Yunanto (28/03/2016 17:19)
One of the few supermarket in Ubud. They don't have a huge selection of item. But they have all the essentials and the price is okay too

Levina Sunaryo (10/02/2016 16:14)
Convenient and has a quite extensive items for groceries shopping

Татьяна Тайнова (09/02/2016 11:59)
Big supermarket ! Huge parking area. Open all year except for Nyepi day. Local and imported goods. Friendly helpful staff. Thank you.

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