Gelora Bandung Lautan Api

Bandung, Kabupaten, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Rancanumpang, Gedebage, Rancanumpang, Gedebage, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40

Komentar :

Salman Aditya (03/09/2017 12:43)
New stadium built for Persib Bandung. It's in gedebagr area (south-east of Bandung city center).

Aliffian Ghien (16/08/2017 12:58)
Nice for biking, jogging and watching my favorite soccer club PERSIB.

Rachmat Firdaus (26/07/2017 18:59)
Good stadium.. but need improvement on public facility like the toilets & Mushola

Dzikrullah Fauzi (24/07/2017 23:59)
I've heard that this stadium is one of the best stadium in Indonesia, basecamp of PERSIB Bandung Football Club (if i'm not mistaken), big capacity stadium, single seat stadium, the highway access is still being process, but i'm not gonna lie from the city center this stadium is a little bit too far, hopefully the the toll route will be finished as soon as possible,

AG (12/07/2017 18:37)
One of great stadium. The scenery from this place is beautiful. If you are lucky, you can look the mountains at the south and north of Bandung. The place is easily accessed especially by train (you can go to Cimekar Train Station). From the toll road, you can use Buah Batu toll gate to go here.

elba damhuri (29/06/2017 16:31)
Good stadiumbut dirty around stadium and so many people learn driving...

fadli Faturzaman (29/06/2017 15:52)
Huge stadium but after the end of match this place so dirty as it is less maintain

yayat sutaryat (21/05/2017 23:09)
exelent footbal stadium

Mochammad Tiar Risandi (13/05/2017 01:09)
Great stadium, awesome crowd! But, parking issue must be solved here.

Herlambang Prasetya (29/04/2017 18:20)
Kandang maung

Hadist Abdul (10/04/2017 17:20)
Wooooouuw.... what a wooooouw stadion...

rizki maulana (26/02/2017 12:27)
Tempatnya bagus cuma kebersihannya kurang banget, terutama kamar mandinya. Bauu. Ada ngamabng2 lagi

Amson Amson (24/02/2017 18:58)
The jak anjing

Vincent Edison (10/02/2017 09:44)
Opening PON

Rivaldi Cesanosa (09/01/2017 19:41)
Gelora Bandung Lautan Api Stadium is a sports stadium located in Bandung, West Java. The stadium is the home base of Persib Bandung with capacity of 38.000 modern single seat

Aura Kasih malika (25/11/2016 08:50)

Agus triana (15/09/2016 13:50)
Pon Jabar

Yusuf Sukma Indriana (17/09/2016 20:26)
Stadion Persib Maung Bandung..

keiza ahmed fellaga (25/08/2016 15:30)
This stadium is not ready yet well at least July 2016..there are no access bad management and plenty problem here and there..but the thing is the atmosphere of a real stadium and they had something that any other stadium (in bandung) can really offer..

Ramesmarter Rikhi (15/08/2016 22:17)
mantab.. home base persib juara

Sam Noer (07/08/2016 13:40)
persib persib persib.......... maung bandung

Windi Ridwan (16/07/2016 18:52)
Mantap lah...

Ahmad Fahrurroji (30/05/2016 18:48)
Great stadium, PERSIB Bandung is the best.

Joshua Adriel suhandi (18/05/2016 14:13)
Stadion termewah di bandung

gallery lfc (18/12/2015 21:45)
Yoi gan

Hanindio Pradhitama (02/11/2015 08:36)

M A ADLANSYAH (28/02/2015 18:34)
The Best Stadium (y), Amazing, Good.. #PERSIB Bandung #PERSIBJUARA