Tangkuban Perahu

Bandung Barat, Jawa Barat
Alamat: Jalan Raya Tangkuban Perahu, Lembang, Ciater, Kota Bandung, Jawa Barat 40391, Indonesia
Rating: 4.40
Telp: +62 821-5405-0790

Komentar :

Nyoman Sandi (25/03/2017 11:49)
It is a summit of a volcano mountain that can be reach by cars.. or even busses... you can see a panoramic view of another mountain ranges like gunung gede from here.. at the other side is a view of the crater of gunung tangkuban perahu itself...

reonald ariwibowo (14/03/2017 08:20)
Nice spot for take a pictures.. need a cars to go there?? Contact me at D4B21009 pin BBM..

Alea Borneo (26/02/2017 06:32)
Nice place to visit if u at bandung, take 2 hours from Bandung. And there is entrance fee i can't remember how much. Beautiful active volcano.

Nurul (19/02/2017 00:28)
Nice view and a bit cold. There are local who will tour you for free here but together with them are those who sell things. Be careful if you want to buy the things. Always bargain. Overall the views are amazing!

lindaadin (17/02/2017 22:47)
Awsome view!! Less 1 star just for the incessant sales tactics of the people there! You have to ignore them completely so they will leave you in peace!

Linda Vanaga (09/02/2017 22:55)
A great place to visit, because the nature is marvelous. However, the big minuses are -- they charge foreigners ten times more than locals (200 000 rupiah) and there is trash everywhere. They don't take care to preserve this beautiful place. :(

Jan Peuker (05/02/2017 15:12)
Impressive crater and nice hike around but hefty fare for foreigners (extra for hot springs, hence 4 stars), the 2nd crater is actually closed right now due to volcanic activity.

Fhe. Ndi (27/09/2016 06:20)
Pernah nih ksini

Siti Aisyah Damiati (04/09/2016 21:27)
People say it's a typical tourist trap in bandung.. But if you never see any vulcanic crater before, I'd still recommend this place. Preferably not during school holiday seasons.
It has funny smell but the view is great!

keiza ahmed fellaga (31/08/2016 04:37)
They upgrading the facilities, the access are great..eventhough hiking was the very best experience you can get so you can roam through the forest and all the way up to the creater and top of tangkuban perahu and it quite save (if they say so because the volcanic still active) because if it not save they will close it and there is a lot of sign so the chance you will get lost are small..

Gisella Thiofanny (19/08/2016 13:21)
It was a really good place to visit. They offer much lower price for the locals, but the price for international tourists is waaaay too expensive. I once took my friends from abroad to this place, and we ended up going back because their international price was waaaayyy too high

Dheka Dap (21/06/2016 15:03)
Pemandangan bagus dan udara sejuk.

Zaky Al-Afkar (31/05/2016 13:28)
I visited this place on the weekend just when they opened the gate at 7:00. The entry ticket was 35k per person, 17k for motorbike, and 5k for parking (really?). In the morning, the view was spectacular, you can even enjoy fresh morning air and thick mist, I think this was the golden moment and worth every penny. Two hours later, the mist was gone and more tourist were coming. It was time to head back home.

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